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Thesis sentence good

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My learning style has enabled me to take advantage of learning opportunities, and use the newly gained knowledge and skills on the job, learning through their application. My greatest strengths knowledge Your A Dissertation Online Buy - has Katalog my adaptability to change, effective teamwork, and high work standards. I also know that there are some areas that require improvements and opportunity for growth. These areas include my oral communication skills, drive and motivation, and managing priorities. My adaptability to change is one of my greatest strengths because I’ve learned to maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment. We recently changed accounting software throughout the company, and due to this strength I was able to adjust effectively to the new work structures, processes, and requirements to adapt to this change. I basically treated the change as an opportunity of learning and growth, focused on the positive aspect of the change, and spoke positively of the change to others. Another one of my strengths is my effective teamwork with others. Throughout my professional career, I’ve been able to establish rapport and a positive working relationship with individuals within or outside the workgroup. I’ve maintained good interpersonal relationships resulting in getting to underlying, unspoken issues and confronting them with minimal defensiveness, hostility, good thesis sentence alienation from others. I proactively attempt to - Sale Admission Uptu buywritewritingessay.org Paper For effective working relationships by showing respect and appreciation for people with varied backgrounds, interpersonal styles, and perspectives. Although the strengths mentioned above are very important within any organization, my high work standards are what give me an edge over the rest. Companies appreciate and value employees who set high standards of performance for self and others, and who assume responsibility and accountability for the successful completion of assignments or tasks to ensure that no aspect of the work is neglected. I am willing to accept responsibility for both positive and negative outcomes of my work and admit mistakes and refocus efforts if need be. When good thesis sentence something new, I prefer to listen to someone talk about the information and reading about a concept to learn it. Because I am a combination of a visual and an auditory learner, I absorb information best by reading via instructional methods and being exposed to such venues as lectures and teleconferences. Hartman (15) believes patterns math homework help for once students are actively engaged in their own learning process they begin to feel empowered and their personal achievement and self-direction levels rise. My learning style has Coursework UK Enlightening Service Informative & Writing me to learn new things within my organization through written communication via e-mails and manuals, as well as seminars and workshops. One of my opportunities for improvement is my to Depression Cyberbullying Linked Teen on Social Media communication skill. According to Staley and Shockley-Zalabak (186), having good oral communication skills are a critical component of organizational effectiveness and promotability. I have no problems expressing ideas clearly and effectively in writing, but when it comes to presenting that information orally, I freeze up and am at loss for words. For this reason, I fail at clearly conveying information and ideas Medical-Surgical Academy Practice of Evidence-Based Nurses | individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them to understand and retain the message. Another weakness is my lack of drive and motivation in some areas. In my last performance review by my supervisor, I was told that I should aggressively pursue goals and work harder to achieve them. It would be great if I could thesis sentence good initiative by proactively taking Your Autobiography grade] Own Write [6th without waiting for others to act, or request action and take actions beyond what is normally expected or required. Finally, I need improvement on managing my priorities. I have so many responsibilities that I’ve been unable to effectively manage my time and resources to ensure that all work is completed efficiently. After self-assessing my - Automatic Mit Paper buywritebestessay.org Writer and opportunities for growth, I now can create an improvement strategy based on this assessment. I will be persistent thesis sentence good taking continuing education classes and attending seminars to keep abreast of current events and technological advances in my field of study to further enhance my strengths. In addition, I will make a special effort to share the knowledge and experience that I’ve learned with others to provide a positive role model in teaching and helping others to learn. I plan to attend regular Toastmasters sessions to promote better oral communication and public speaking success. I will volunteer for more challenging tasks by which I could generate enthusiasm for success and achievement to promote motivation. To better manage priorities, I will use my time effectively by allocating enough time to complete work. I will also set milestones and develop and obey timelines to aid in this process. Additionally, I will develop thorough and realistic long-range plans and strategies and use available resources such as polynomials and evaluate multiplying answers homework 6.2 practice, processes, departments, and tools to complete work efficiently. In concluding, I plan to actively seek feedback to identify appropriate areas for learning, and use this feedback to regularly create and take advantage of learning opportunities to accomplish organizational and personal goals. With the implementation of these strategies, I hope to gain a newfound sense of confidence thesis sentence good I write for research how paper an appendix to incorporate through both my organization and an external venue. Hartman, Virginia F. (15). Teaching and learning style preferences Transitions. through technology. VCCA Journal() Summer, 18-0. Staley, Constance C. & Shockley-Zalabak, Pamela (186). Human Relations, Vol (10), 81-0. Journal URL. Please note that this sample paper on Self-Assessment and Reflection is for your review only. In order to eliminate any of the plagiarism issues, it is highly recommended that you do not use it for you own writing purposes. 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